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Possums are not welcome in anyone’s home or workplace. They are greedy animals that can live in the basement of your home or outside in the yard. They are also experts in stealing pet food, destroying your yard, and tearing apart your trash. Moreover, possums can also cause serious health problems in humans. It is very essential to hire a professional possum control team.

Pest Control Dandenong is here to deliver the best possum pest control service. All our professionals are providing the best Possum Removal Dandenong services. You just need to call us and book your slots to get the best possum control service at very affordable rates. Moreover, we are using the best and well organized methods to catch possums present in your home.

Possum Control Tricks and Tips

Possums stink, have huge faces, and carry insects like leeches, worms, and insects that can spread disease. Moreover, if you’ve been bitten or infected by one of these worms, you’re in big trouble. These are some of the main and most effective tricks and tips that can help you in catching the possums.

  • You can use plastic barriers all around the trees in your backyard to control possums.
  • Additionally, you can also place some spiking barriers to stop the possums from moving freely around your property.
  • You also need to keep the pet food in safe and secure places.
  • Moreover, you can control possums by securing your property’s entrance points.
  • You also need to do proper netting all over the plants which are edible. 

Moreover, you can appoint our experts to get the best possum treatment service. Our service rates are also low and easily affordable.

Hire Our Top Class Local Possum Controllers 

There are so many benefits of hiring a team of local possum catchers. As they are very familiar with the activity of possums in your area. Additionally, you can appoint these local experts in an emergency situation. Therefore, our team of experts is also living in the same city. 

So, you can call us to book an appointment for a possum control service. Our team has so many years of experience in taking care of the possums present in your home. You just need to search possum control near me to book an appointment. However, our service rates are also economical as compared to other service providers.

Variety Of Possum Control Services We Offer

There are so many types of possum removal services we provide. You just need to call us and book an appointment to get the best solution for all your problems. Here is the list of services that our experts are handling for so many years.

✔ Possum Inspection And Removal

It is not easy to find out possums without doing an inspection. Therefore, our team of experts is providing the best possum inspection service for so many years. You can call us today and book your appointment for this service. After finding the possums, we also remove them from your home.

✔ Domestic Possum Control

One of our main motives is to deliver the finest home possum control service. Having possums in your home can be dangerous, so it will be great if you hire us to remove them. We will use the most appropriate and effective techniques to remove the possums from your house.

✔ Restaurant Possum Control

Possums can be threatening if they enter your restaurant while people are hanging out. You can get rid of the possums that are coming to your restaurant by calling us. We will make sure that all the possums are removed as soon as possible. You will get this service at very low and economical prices.

✔ Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

It is very essential to check the presence of possum in your future home. So, you can hire our team of experts now and book an appointment for pre-purchase possum inspection service. We will use the best methods and techniques to deliver this service. Our service rates are also low and affordable.

✔ Emergency Possum Control Service

We are also here to deliver an emergency possum control service. Our team can easily handle any kind of emergency related to possums. We are well trained and experienced in handling such emergencies.

✔ Same Day Possum Control 

Our team is also providing a dynamic same day possum removal service. Therefore, you can call us today and book an appointment. Our team will come to your house and start the removal process immediately. There are no hidden charges for the same day service.

Why Hire Us For Possum Removal Dandenong Services?

Our company has a good reputation for providing top class possum removal services. We are doing this for so many years with a huge number of positive customer feedback. These are some of the main benefits of hiring us for the possum control services.

  • Our team is very punctual about providing possum removal services. You can hire us to get a top class timely service.
  • Moreover, we are available 24/7 to deliver the best possum removal services.
  • You can hire us to get the best service at very low and reasonable prices.
  • We are using the best as well as eco-friendly techniques to deliver a safe possum removal service. 
  • Additionally, our possum controllers are also experienced and have a proper certification to deliver top class service.
  • Also, we are using all the best methods and advanced tools to catch possum present in your home.


  1. Do you kill possums after catching them?

No, we will never do that. Our team will catch them safely and leave them in the forest areas. Possum extermination is not allowed in any part of Australia.

  1. Are you available in the suburbs nearby Dandenong?

Yes, our team of experts will make sure that you get the possum removal service all over the Dandenong. We are also available in the nearby suburbs.

  1. Are possums capable of doing physical harm?

Yes, if you mess with them unnecessarily then they can attack you. So, it is better to keep a safe distance from the possums.