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Hire Dandenongs’ Best Assistance For Moth Control Services

Pest Control Dandenong is one the best companies in Dandenong, which provides effective moth pest control Dandenong services with total removal of moths. We specialise in many moth treatments such as–moth heat treatment, steam treatment and chemical treatments. In fact, for all these treatments, we use no chemical based solutions as we take your safety as our responsibility.

We assure with such perfect results that there will be no more persisting moth problems in future. Also, we can figure out any type of moth in minutes and customise a special treatment plan exclusively for the moths we find at your place. Call today on 03 4050 7852

Moth Control Services: Inspection And Treatment

  • Our licensed moth control Dandenong experts will reach your home, inspect the moth infestation, confirm the type of moth species your home has 
  • In fact, for confirming the what moth type your home has, our experts assess for the kind of damage they create
  • Moreover, for identifying the moth species we completely check out your home be it external or internal 
  • So, this will help us decide what treatment to plan accordingly. 

Treatment Plan

  • Now on the findings of inspection, our experts will tailor a moth removal plan
  • This plan includes total moth control in a certain period of time to get the expected results


  • After tailoring a complete treatment plan, we use multiple tools and machinery to get rid of the moth. Note- use of machines depend on ‘what extent the moth infestation’ is at your place
  • In fact, we also often do fumigation with eco-friendly solutions 
  • With use of the most modern equipment at hand we do completely safe moth control treatment. 
  • So, no matter if it is larvae, egg or adult moth, we can help you remove them. 

Benefits With The Service From Moth Control Dandenong

  • Good-Timing Service: We complete our work with the highest standard and efficient timing service. However, we are not only concerned about efficiency, but also provide quality service without wasting a minute. 
  • Chemical Free Agents: Even before using solutions for moth pest control, we first do safety testing for them. And only after that we utilize them for moth treatments for home and other places. Safe For kids, adults and pets. 
  • Area-Wise Professionals: We have area-wise outstanding professionals who’ll reach out to your aid with a variety of services. Moreover, with knowledge about changes in weather temperatures, routes of Dandenong lanes in and out, you can count on them. 
  • Reasonable Rates: One of the reasons why we are highly rated for our services is—affordability. Because, we give the best quality and long-lasting services at reasonable rates. 

THE Best Flea Control Services Across Dandenong

Emergency Moth Control Service

There are people who hang moth traps all over their rooms that tend to attract moths the most. But people also face or experience some allergic reactions because of these moth traps. Hence, there is a need for an emergency moth exterminator for cases such as these. So, if you are looking for one on searching ‘moth control near me’ list, call our moth caterpillar control team.

Domestic Moth Control Service

How bad can carpet moths be? One the point of 10 on 1 to 10 scale. Are they that bad? Yes, they can be. In fact, carpet moths like to feed on any kind of organic material. So, if you want to save your precious belongings, pest control carpet moths service as of today. With eco-friendly carpet moth extermination we use, your home is always safe. 

Moth Inspection And Removal Service

Pantry moths are not harmful to humans or pets, but they can damage your pantry food as they contaminate it left and right. So, if you find these moths, you will have to completely discard the food items. Thus, to avoid and even prevent these kinds of situations, it would be best to go for pantry moths extermination. Do grab our moth control in the house now ! 

Restaurant Moth Control Service

Wondering what on earth is eating your cabbages in the kitchen, as they have very large holes? Cabbage moths. In fact, small holes in cabbage are telltale signs of moth infestation in your restaurant. Wait a second, did you also notice dark green round pellets next to the refrigerator? Call us quickly. We have cabbage moth control, white cabbage moth treatment and also we treat white moth in garden. 

Pre-purchase Moth Inspection Service

There are several DIY tricks to fight against winter moths, but another best solution is professional winter moth control. Why professional winter moth control? Because, winter moths are invasive and create havoc to the trees in your garden. So, do not even wait a second to ask for our experts’ help when winter moths are already on every tree in your garden. 

Same Day Moth Control Service

If you find holes in apples and pears, the definite answer for this is—codling moth. But, there are also many cases where codling moths are inside of apples and people do not notice them and the fruit. So, instead of making sure to always check for moths in apples, call for codling moth control service in Dandenong. Ping us for more details. 

24 Hour Flea Control Dandenong Booking Service ! 

Urgent flea problems often occur at very inconvenient times like late nights, during weekends and holidays, which is why you need quick moth control in house. So, for issues like these, we concluded to provide 24 hour bookings for Dandenong, where you can call us any time of the day and night, 365 days a year.

Therefore, once you call our front desk for form filling or direct bookings, you get immediate attention from them. In fact, there is a separate flea control Dandenong team for bookings round the clock, which enables our clients to get to us all the time. Fix Your Service Slot Today For Getting The Best Deals ! 


  • How are moths entering my Dandenong house? 

Moths can enter your house by hiding in: 

  1. Clothes
  2. Furniture
  3. Garage sales
  4. Goods bought from stores 
  • What are common places moths hide in? 

They can hide in: 

  1. Basements
  2. Closets
  3. Cabinets
  4. Kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  • Can you tell me the common signs of moth infestation? 

Few common tell-tales signs are as follows: 

  1. Furrows or tunnels on wool fabrics
  2. Crusty deposits on drapes, curtains and rugs 
  3. Tiny holes on plastic food bags