How to Remove All Kinds of Kitchen Pests from Your Home?

Think that you are waiting to eat your favourite dish and all you find are flies and bugs. They are the ones who are eating your favourite food on your behalf. At that moment you must be feeling like killing or knocking out all the pests in your home. We understand, it is normal. So be ready to say goodbye to those nasty creatures. Because in this article we are going to share with you some ways to do kitchen pest control.

  1. How to remove small insects from the kitchen using salt: Well, you must have noticed that in your kitchen ants are the ones who visit more than you in your kitchen. Ants are very attracted to sugary things or sugar which you keep in your kitchen. So, they keep visiting your kitchen. But, salt can help you to get rid of them as they don’t like the adverse effects of sugar. All you have to do is to mix some amount of salt in water and spray it everywhere. If you are getting results then, you can also spray it directly to them. Due to salt, they will stop visiting your kitchen.
  2. How to repel bugs and insects using vinegar: Vinegar is a very common substance. Use it in our kitchen to make various kinds of foods. But people don’t know that vinegar is the biggest enemy of pests. For using vinegar to do kitchen pest control you need to make a mixture of vinegar and water. After making the solution, just spray it all over the area, and leave it for some time you will get results. Though this method has one disadvantage, it produces a bad smell, so you have to tolerate it. But there is also one way of avoiding the bad smell, you should mix dish soap detergent in the mixture and mix it properly which will leave a good smell behind or kitchen pest control effectively.
  3. How to get rid of small insects in the kitchen using spices: One of the most simple DIY methods to do kitchen pest control is using spices like cloves or cinnamon which are very effective in pest control.


So, these are some of the methods to remove all kinds of kitchen pests from your home. Getting rid of pests has never been easy for anyone until you take the help of expert pest control in Dandenong to do kitchen pest control. Follow the above remedies and get rid of kitchen pests. Be patient you may not get results at one time of use, and keep repeating the process.