How To Get Ready For Winter Borer Control

Winter is the season in which most of the insects hibernate and spend out their winter life in those hibernating places. But they are different, they always remain in the house. They cause harm to our wooden furniture. They make bores in the woods and they eat those small wooden parts. Borer Control is very important to avoid the loss of wooden goods in winter. Winter is the season in which we almost sleep for a long time in a day and we sleep on beds of wood. These Borers can make our bed weak by making bores in them. If you want to remove these borers in the winter seasons then you need to follow some important tips to get rid of Borer.

Tips to get ready For winter Borer Control:-

  1. Apply pesticides in every dark place -:

Always be ready with your pesticides because you need them at any time. We should spray pesticides in every dark place of our house because in winter sunlight does not reach every part of our house and this darkness can give birth to borer infestation which can cause a huge loss.

  1. Apply laxman Rekha on the floor in winter -: 

If you see any Borers on your floor in winter then immediately apply laxman Rekha which is a product and it looks like a chalk. This could be very helpful as well in winter. Laxman Rekha kills or removes all the Borers from your house. In winter you should be very quick because Borers could even multiply in the winter.

  1. Remove colonies of borers in winter -:

If you see any borer colonies in your home then you should immediately clean it by rubbing it with a sharp object. These colonies are used by Borers to hide in winter. As we can see , Borers are almost weak in winter and this is the perfect time to remove Borers from our houses.

  1. Always be attentive in winter -:

If you see any borer in your house then you should quickly handle it in an effective manner.  If you treat Borers at the start of winter then they would not trouble you the whole winter and summer. Your loss of wooden furniture can be saved by using preventive measures .

  1. Take use of services -:

Sometimes Borers increase in winters and they are impossible to be removed by one person. So here comes the local pest control services, these services include professionals, guides, experienced peoples which have the knowledge to remove Borers in an effective manner. So, they know about every Borers which makes them able to tackle every type of borer.


Always remember that Borers become weak in winter. So, it could be easy to remove them but you should have complete information about borer control. If you don’t have knowledge then you should take guidance from borer exterminators. They have the best methods to control Borers because they have inspected and treated so many houses.