How To Get Ready For Winter Borer Control

Winter is the season in which most of the insects hibernate and spend out their winter life in those hibernating places. But they are different, they always remain in the house. They cause harm to our wooden furniture. They make bores in the woods and they eat those small wooden parts. Borer Control is very important to avoid the loss of wooden goods in winter. Winter is the season in which we almost sleep for a long time in a day and we sleep on beds of wood. These Borers can make our bed weak by making bores in them. If you want to remove these borers in the winter seasons then you need to follow some important tips to get rid of Borer.

Tips to get ready For winter Borer Control:-

  1. Apply pesticides in every dark place -:

Always be ready with your pesticides because you need them at any time. We should spray pesticides in every dark place of our house because in winter sunlight does not reach every part of our house and this darkness can give birth to borer infestation which can cause a huge loss.

  1. Apply laxman Rekha on the floor in winter -: 

If you see any Borers on your floor in winter then immediately apply laxman Rekha which is a product and it looks like a chalk. This could be very helpful as well in winter. Laxman Rekha kills or removes all the Borers from your house. In winter you should be very quick because Borers could even multiply in the winter.

  1. Remove colonies of borers in winter -:

If you see any borer colonies in your home then you should immediately clean it by rubbing it with a sharp object. These colonies are used by Borers to hide in winter. As we can see , Borers are almost weak in winter and this is the perfect time to remove Borers from our houses.

  1. Always be attentive in winter -:

If you see any borer in your house then you should quickly handle it in an effective manner.  If you treat Borers at the start of winter then they would not trouble you the whole winter and summer. Your loss of wooden furniture can be saved by using preventive measures .

  1. Take use of services -:

Sometimes Borers increase in winters and they are impossible to be removed by one person. So here comes the local pest control services, these services include professionals, guides, experienced peoples which have the knowledge to remove Borers in an effective manner. So, they know about every Borers which makes them able to tackle every type of borer.


Always remember that Borers become weak in winter. So, it could be easy to remove them but you should have complete information about borer control. If you don’t have knowledge then you should take guidance from borer exterminators. They have the best methods to control Borers because they have inspected and treated so many houses.

How to Remove All Kinds of Kitchen Pests from Your Home?

Think that you are waiting to eat your favourite dish and all you find are flies and bugs. They are the ones who are eating your favourite food on your behalf. At that moment you must be feeling like killing or knocking out all the pests in your home. We understand, it is normal. So be ready to say goodbye to those nasty creatures. Because in this article we are going to share with you some ways to do kitchen pest control.

  1. How to remove small insects from the kitchen using salt: Well, you must have noticed that in your kitchen ants are the ones who visit more than you in your kitchen. Ants are very attracted to sugary things or sugar which you keep in your kitchen. So, they keep visiting your kitchen. But, salt can help you to get rid of them as they don’t like the adverse effects of sugar. All you have to do is to mix some amount of salt in water and spray it everywhere. If you are getting results then, you can also spray it directly to them. Due to salt, they will stop visiting your kitchen.
  2. How to repel bugs and insects using vinegar: Vinegar is a very common substance. Use it in our kitchen to make various kinds of foods. But people don’t know that vinegar is the biggest enemy of pests. For using vinegar to do kitchen pest control you need to make a mixture of vinegar and water. After making the solution, just spray it all over the area, and leave it for some time you will get results. Though this method has one disadvantage, it produces a bad smell, so you have to tolerate it. But there is also one way of avoiding the bad smell, you should mix dish soap detergent in the mixture and mix it properly which will leave a good smell behind or kitchen pest control effectively.
  3. How to get rid of small insects in the kitchen using spices: One of the most simple DIY methods to do kitchen pest control is using spices like cloves or cinnamon which are very effective in pest control.


So, these are some of the methods to remove all kinds of kitchen pests from your home. Getting rid of pests has never been easy for anyone until you take the help of expert pest control in Dandenong to do kitchen pest control. Follow the above remedies and get rid of kitchen pests. Be patient you may not get results at one time of use, and keep repeating the process.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas?

As the summer arrives it brings a lot of fleas along with it. Fleas can easily cause a problem for you and your family. These small insects can also cause problems for the pets you have in your house. Fleas love to live in the moist area so they come to your house to live in the humid temperature. If these small insects bite your pets then it will cause skin irritation for them. It is also important for you to keep these small pests away from pets in your home. Fleas can also cause various diseases to your pets. They also cause skin allergies to the pets in your home. You can use various methods to keep these small creatures away from your home. 

Methods To Keep Your Pets Safe From Fleas 

  1. Clean your house properly – If you keep your house clean then the pests will not enter your home. It is important for you to clean your house on a regular basis. These fleas love to live in the dirt and dust in your house. You need to vacuum your house on time to keep the pests away from your home. It is also important to focus on the pest-infested area in your house and get pest infestation removed.
  2. Use flea repellent – You can also protect your pets by using a flea repellent. It will be difficult for these small creatures to survive an anti-flea spray. You can also make your own spray at home. If you don’t have enough resources to make it then purchase it from the supermarket. This flea repellent will keep these fleas away from the pets in your home.
  3. Cut the grass in your backyard – You need to cut the grass in the backyard of your home to avoid flea infestation. If you are living in a place where you have a lawn or backyard with long grass in it then these fleas will make it their shelter. It is also important to keep the grass short. This long grass will also work as a bridge for these pests to enter your home.
  4. Close the entry points – These fleas can enter your home even from small cracks and holes. You have to inspect your house properly to find out any holes and cracks. It is also important to seal them to avoid flea infestation. These small creatures will enter your house from these small holes to irritate the pets. If you don’t want these pests to create a problem for you and your pets then close the entry points.
  5. Regular Inspection – It is important for you to keep an eye on your home on a regular basis. A deep inspection will help you to avoid the risk of flea infestation. If you find out any signs of fleas around your home then you have to do something about it immediately. If you stop the fleas on time then you will be able to protect your pets from them. 

Choose Us For Best Pest Control

If you are facing any problems related to pests then you can call Pest Control Dandenong expert to get rid of them completely. It is also important to stop their infestation to keep your pets safe from fleas. Give us a call to book your appointment with us. You can get many benefits from hiring us. Our team is available 24/7 at your service. We are working with certified professionals. Our service prices are affordable for everyone.

5 Ways to Get Rid Out of Pest By Yourself

Pests not only damage the inside of the house but also spread dangerous infections. In that case, you can call a pest control service, but before you search your phone book for pest control service, read the article. Now explore ways to get rid out of pest by yourself.

Here Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Pest by Yourself:

  • Properly Identify The Pest Before Treating – Proper identification of pests will help you to make the right treatment for the right pest by yourself. The right type of pest control for a particular type of pest will drive to the best result. To observe the pest is the best way to identify them. You can also search for common household pest photos on the internet to get a proper understanding of what they look like. So, immediately put on your detective hat and look for the evidence that the pests leave behind. 
  • Identify How They Are Getting Into Your Home – If you want to control the pests, then figure out how they are getting into your home. First, find the entry points of these small intruders and then eliminate them by applying pest control in Dandenong. Some of the pests like roaches, ants, spiders can easily enter your home through your small breaches. Pests like rodents and termites can squeeze into your home by chewing their way into the home. 
  • Keep The Eyes Peeled – Insects have some superpower abilities. Mosquitoes carry some dangerous disease, cockroaches can also live supposedly in an apocalypse. You should look for the warning signs and the problem areas to avoid space invading. The ants also find scope to be anti friendless of your home. This is always better to have pest-proofing before your home is a shelter for a pest. 
  • Secure The Outside – Let the invaders live outside of your home. Don’t let it be a bug breeding room. If there is any place in your house that connects the outdoors directly, it can be a trouble spot for your house. The bugs can enter your house through pipes, vents, chimneys, shingles, etc. If there is any possible entry point at your home, use caulk to fill it.
  • Determine The Right DIY Treatment To Get Rid of Pest By Yourself – You can find plenty of DIY treatments that don’t require any specialized equipment or knowledge. You can easily learn basic pest control at-home treatments with just a little time.
    • Houseflies: Place an easy sticky trap in an area where house flies are usually found. If they land on this trap, they will be stuck to it and cannot fly away. 
    • Roaches: You can eliminate roaches from your house by setting the bait centers and the second option is removing the roach attractive things like food and water from the problem area. 
    • Mice and Termites: You can easily eliminate mice and termites from the area by setting some particular brait and trap. Termites can be removed by setting a braid around the perimeter. 
    • Fruit Files: You can eliminate fruit flies from home by making an easy trap that includes baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap.

These above-mentioned ways to get rid out of pest by yourself are enough to reduce the pest numbers from your house. But sometimes, it can be difficult to do pest control yourself. In that case, don’t hesitate to take professional help, as they are well trained to do this task and to keep your family safe.